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Adriel is currently in his final year at SMU pursuing a degree in Accounting. His interest in entrepreneurship first peaked when he worked in the Business Development arm at Hackwagon Academy, a data science company. Whilst pursuing his studies in Hong Kong, he realised that there was a demand for data science courses/lessons for students there and subsequently founded Data Bay Academy. Data Bay Academy seeks to empower individuals who have no coding background to remain competitive in today's climate. It has since expanded to designing courses for corporate clients as well, with notable clients including HKUST Global Business Department and Wantedly. 

Besides entrepreneurship, Adriel also has a passion for the environment. He believes deeply in sustainability and sees the value of adopting sustainable practices in his businesses. To this end, he has also co-founded Magorium Pte. Ltd, a polymer technology company that specializes in creating road additives using recycled plastic. Adriel's experience in growing start-ups and in the sustainability space has made him an invaluable asset to the team at FluidLytix (Asia). He currently oversees the operations in the company, which include developing growth stratagies and identifying and liaising with potential partners. 


How do you balance managing your startup and studies at the same time?

When I first started on this journey, I found it very difficult to juggle both school and work, especially during the times when both demanded my full attention. The initial inclination to dedicate all your time into your company is high, which naturally takes a toll on the amount of effort you can allocate to other important aspects in your life. What I've gradually learnt (and works best for me) is to remain disciplined and keep to the deadlines I've set for myself. Having a schedule is easy, but remaining focused enough to keep to it is another matter altogether. I've also been blessed to have partners who understand the responsibilities I have and are willing to lend a helping hand should I need help.

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