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Air in the Water System
The Many Causes

There are many ways air gets into the water supply as it travels though the pipes from your water supplier. Although water providers try to prevent outside air infusion, air is drawn into the water line in many ways:

  • Common main line breakages can introduce large quantities of air into the water system.

  • Pumps installed along the distribution line create a vortex action that causes pockets of air to form in the water pipeline.

  • Small cracks, poorly joined or damaged joint seals or leaking flange connections.

  • Changes in pressure, temperature, and flow rate can generate a significant amount of air volume.

  • Current water meters measure water along with air in the water. The FluidLytix WAVE valve compresses the air in the pipe as it goes through the meter.

The FluidLytix Intelligent Water Management Helps Reduce Water Usage Costs
  • The FluidLytix WAVE Valve compresses the accumulated air in the water reducing the volume of air prior to flowing through the water meter reducing water usage costs by up to 30%

  • FluidLytix's hydro technology controls the air that accumulates in the water pipes before it reaches the water meter.

  • FluidLytix's hydro technology controls the flow of water at the main water portal which adjusts pressure flow to provide sufficient water pressure along with remarkable savings.

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FluidLytix WAVE Valve: Water Volume Savings
Water Volume Reduction Demonstration
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